Marketing Tips for an Event Planner

Being a reputed Singapore event organizer is not an easy task. You will have to go through various challenges that will come along the way. PartyAllo has proven that nothing is impossible when being the best kid’s birthday party organizer in Singapore. PartyAllo has been in this business for many years, and we know what type of struggles the new event planner companies have to go through to reach the top spot. Do not worry. We will give you the best tips on how you can become the best Singapore event organizer.

What are the ways of promoting the event planner business?

As you grow and develop your kids’ birthday party event organizing business. You must grow your client’s reach in the market. You should do the following to become the best event planner in Singapore.


For the new event planners in the market, they must have a strong client base. Networking can assist you in two ways. If you know someone and know about the business they are doing, they will refer your business. Someone who requires an event organizer. You can tell friends and family members to spread the word about the business you are doing. It will undoubtedly give you your first event planning work.

Give Business Cards

You should not underestimate the magic of business cards, even in the digital world. It will help you significantly to extend your client reach. Consider it a brochure if you opt for a tri-fold business card. Many event planners opt for this business card format because more information can be included than a traditional small business card even though it is more convenient to carry it around. They can keep it in their wallet and will remember it whenever they need help.

Always carry business cards. Add the name of the business name, contact information such as your name, specialization, logo, and some testimonials from past clients. You never know when you’ll run into a potential client. Ask vendors with whom you work if you can leave a stack of business cards in their places of business.

Email Marketing

PartyAllo believes that talking with potential clients is the best form of event marketing, but you should also send emails to those who will come to you when they need an event planner. If you want to give your business card via email, it is also an effective way to market your business. If you do, ensure that your mailing is of good quality.


You can print professional-looking advertising papers for your business. We have talked with various event planners, and most of them have agreed that the blue color advertising paper is the best. You can include various information about the business in which your potential clients can contact you. You can also opt for a display advertisement — the bigger, bordered ads in the Yellow Pages.

You should consider doing advertising in your local newspaper as there are still countless people who read a newspaper and they will get to know about your business along with the price of your services. Other than the newspaper, you can advertise in various other papers such as magazines. It can be geared to topics related to your service or aimed at readers in a certain region. Ad on a regional scale can help you widen the reach for the more clients that will most likely purchase the high-ticket packages.


It is similar to business cards, well-designed brochures can make your business look professional, and you can give them to various people in a single go. Your potential clients will judge based on your brochures and consider whether your services will be worth their time.

Unlike the business card, you will be able to include more information. You provide an extensive amount of information about your event planning business in a brochure. You can add photographs of your previous events. You should include the photos of those days in which you have executed the best event of your life and also include a photo of your crew so that they will know who the team consists of.

You can amplify the chances of getting the clients by making your brochures according to the business type. Ensure that you use high-quality printing material for making the brochures. A cheap one will make it look like you are not professional. As with your business cards, leave your brochure with caterers, florists, photographers, and other vendors with whom you’ve worked.

Social Media

Social media is now the main source of marketing for any type of business. Focus on the benefits that await everyone who attends the event. For faster sharing of information, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags.

Trade Shows Trade and sales shows are good exhibition opportunities. An industrial fair will let you show yourself and network with relevant people. Event planners attend trade and other shows and walk the floor to interact with prospective clients or partners.

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