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Best Planning Tips for Kid’s Birthday Party in Singapore

Planning for your kid’s birthday party in Singapore may not be as easy as it may seem. The event itself calls for a high level of excitement and fun activities. And as a parent, you may have to pay attention to many things during the birthday bash and, simultaneously comfort your child with full enjoyment. So, paying heed to some vital things before throwing the party will help you ensure a tidy, yet fun-filled celebration for your kid. Firstly, consider doing something that stays as the sweetest remembrance, and brightens up the entire year for your kid. 

Birthdays are special and the perfect time to express your everlasting love for your child. Birthday celebrations can be pivotal and may mean one of the vital aspects of child upbringing. 

So, here are some necessary points that you should take into account during planning for your kid’s birthday anniversary.

  1. Budget: Making an expense plan is critical and should be given priority. You can use digital apps to record your budget calculation however, using a conventional paper notepad and a pen might be more convenient. Making a perfect expense plan may not work all the time, so make a budget that is a bit flexible. You might have noticed that few things appear at the time of execution and not during planning. Next, focus on including only the most essential items at first, then you may include some extras that can come in handy during, and after your kid’s birthday party in Singapore. Keep the most important or expensive item at the top of your list and then follow on accordingly. 

Additionally, avoid purchasing things that can be arranged or made at home; it will save you money. Nevertheless, for more guidance on birthday party plannings you can always rely on Partyallo, the perfect kids party planner in Singapore.

2. Invitations: While inviting people to your tot’s birthday celebrations make sure that the guest list is tidy and fits your budget. Send invites to only those who are close to your kid or you or your family. Excess of party members may create commotion as well as swell your already planned budget. Moreover, make sure that every guest you have invited surely arrives at the time of celebration. This will help you to have a near-perfect estimation of the budget and arrangements of necessary items. The other step is to try using more realistic means while sending invites, e.g. using a phone perhaps would be the most effective and smart idea. It can act as an RSVP request and also, personally inviting your guests, will help you confirm their arrivals at your kid’s birthday party in Singapore.

3. Venue: Your home sweet home would probably be the best place to celebrate your kid’s birthday, as it translates to safety and more freedom. However, if you’ve already prepared a checklist for it then there are good family restaurants and places that you can rent for the special occasion. Renting an exclusive space will also provide privacy and security. In addition, a separate venue means you can accommodate more people and also enjoy complimentary support from the venue management. However, before choosing to pay for an event place, make sure you grab a service package that allows some extra perks like pre-decorated space and entertainment amenities, etc. These benefits can be a big time saver and relieve you from arrangement hassles. 

4. Decorations & Themes: This is one of the significant aspects you should pay attention to while making party arrangements. Decor and themes can play an important role in giving real meaning to your kid’s birthday party in Singapore. To go ahead with it, ask your kid about his/hers favorite cartoon character or something that they would love to be associated with. This will assist you in having a perfect idea on preparing for a pre-customized party theme. Besides, it will also enable your little one to carry more enthusiasm and happiness for the showdown. Once the theme is set, you can now easily make your selective picks on items that would fit the preset theme. From balloons and birthday banners to party poppers, everything can be based on the required theme. This may even count in the actual birthday cake and outfits if it all, you plan to loosen a bit on your expenditure. 

5. Foods & Catering: The best meal for your kid’s birthday party in Singapore would be your own handmade delicacies. Home-cooked food may call for a tiresome kitchen activity, especially when it requires cooking for a pretty sizable gathering. But whatever it may sound like, homemade foods are safe, hygienic, and most importantly; every bite of the food will carry your profound love for your child. Don’t forget to include your child’s favorite food items, and also figure out if any one of your guests suffers from any sort of food allergies. On the other hand, if otherwise, you can also opt for a good catering service and plan a buffet feast. Relying on a catering service may demand a hefty amount, but on the bright side, it will let you off the hook. The best idea might be assigning a kid’s party planner in Singapore, such as Partyallo, the ultimate party curator.

6. Entertainment & Fun: Any celebration without some pumps of beat and bass is boring. Hence, a piece of jovial and playful music during your kid’s birthday party in Singapore is a must. The birthday boy/girl along with all the little guests needs that element of utmost elation and jubilation during these times. So in response, you can arrange for a mini magic show or funny skits by hiring a professional. Some amongst your family and friends can also come up with some intriguing tricks that can blow away the minds of the birthday kid and the others alike. These ideas can lead to amazement for the kids and leave a tiny element of curiosity. 


A birthday event means a lot to your child in possibly many ways. So make the best effort to make this day full of enjoyment and worth cherishing for your kid. Maybe you can hire a kid’s party planner in Singapore for more convenience. Or otherwise, you can even try for a surprise birthday event and make your kid flabbergasted and thrilled. The bottom line is; it’s just a single day in the entire year for your dearest munchkin to blatantly express and perhaps to be loved like no other day. So, why not include a gift filled with love, best wishes, and your precious blessings and plan for your kid’s birthday party in Singapore.

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