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Plan your next memorable party with PartyAllo!

Nowadays, an event management company is a one-stop destination to get yourself a hassle-free and unique party set-up. Event management companies help you effortlessly plan a party or get-together with fabulous themes and activities. The company is responsible for decorations that light up the party and provide services such as gaming activities, food, beverages, and much more! One such famous event management company in Singapore is PartyAllo. We are one of the most significant event planners in Singapore with experience in organizing almost all kinds of parties ranging from birthdays, family get-togethers, corporate parties, and many more. Our motto is to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and make a special day even more special with our services. 

We are your Family Day Organizer in Singapore

If you are looking for family day organizer in Singapore, we are an excellent choice. We are the leading planners of family days as we provide exceptionally unique and professional services to help you organize your next family day. Here’s a list of things we do to help people enjoy an experience of a lifetime:

  1. Brainstorm ideas to come with a theme as per your needs and expectations.
  2. Recommendation of a good venue and making the bookings accordingly.
  3. Wide range of food and beverages. We offer over 70 types of food and drink stations.
  4. Professional photography and videography to capture your special moments.
  5. Live music sessions with quality sound systems.
  6. Design and manufacture various props, such as printing pictures, party-cards, etc.

These are some of the services we provide, amongst many others. We make sure that your family day marks a memorable event without you worrying about anything. We execute every activity most efficiently and effectively with the help of our hard-working and creative team.

Make Your Kids Birthday A Memorable One

A kid’s birthday is an extraordinary event for both the parents and the child. Kids expect to indulge in some fun activities with their friends on their special day. We at PartyAllo make sure that your kid gets a memorable birthday party experience. We offer a wide range of kids birthday party packages. The packages include themes such as:

  1. Lion King
  2. Princess
  3. Lego Inspired
  4. Minecraft inspired
  5. Minions inspired
  6. Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse inspired
  7. Pooh inspired
  8. Pj Mask inspired
  9. Paw patrol inspired

In addition to these above themes, there are many other themes that we provide. You can also get a customized theme party planned for your kid’s birthday. We take into account your ideas and make sure to come up with a unique theme and execute it most efficiently to provide your kid with a fantastic birthday party. 

Let Your Kids Experience Magic At Their Party

No kid’s birthday party could be successfully complete without a magic show. Kids love magic, and we make sure to provide a magical evening to your kids and friends. We offer various kids birthday party magic show packages so that you can choose the best one. We offer four packages for a magic show which are as follows:

  1. 7-in-1 Kids Interactive Magic

This interactive magic show makes your kids and their friends a part of the show and makes them experience the magical moments first-hand. The magicians involve the kids in the act to make them feel special and willing to participate. This package includes:

  • 30 minutes of the magic show including interaction with the kids which is full of fun and comedy.
  • An hour of balloon sculpting by the magician or a face-painting session.
  • The volunteer kids are rewarded with exciting gifts for becoming a part of the magic act.
  • The show is suitable 3 to 8 years old kids.
  1. Live Animal Magic Show

This package includes live animals being part of the magic shows. The magician comes up with magic acts with the help of animals. This is a very engaging activity for the kids as they love both magic and animals. The acts excite the little bundles of joy, and they go home with a magical experience to cherish for a long time. The package includes:

  • Live animals for the magic show
  • LED illusion acts
  • Interaction with the kids during the show
  • Exciting reward gifts for the volunteers
  1. Puppet Magic Show

The puppet show is one of the most popular shows in the kids birthday party packages. Children love the mystery behind the voice of the puppets. The puppets interact with all the children and leave them with a unique experience to enjoy the act to their fullest. The package includes:

  • Puppet show set-up including the stage
  • Professional puppet masters
  • Interactive sessions
  • Gifts for the volunteers
  1. Rabbit And Animal Show With Las Vegas Theme

The show involves a rabbit and animal show in Las Vegas and it is set-up to give the show an authentic look and feel. The package includes:

  • Rabbits and animals for the interactive session
  • Mind-blowing magic tricks
  • Awesome experience and gifts for the volunteers

If you wish to plan a unique and interactive party session, we at PartyAllo, a Family Day Organizer in Singapore, are here to give our 100% and make your party a success by making it memorable to cherish later. What are you waiting for, get in touch today for best prices on our Kids Birthday Party Magic Show Packages.

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