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4 ways to make your already sweet marriage anniversary sweeter


The wedding dress still fit. Even now, the sight of your old wedding dress doesn’t fail to elicit a smile on your face. You look at the dress a little while longer, and lovingly fold it up and keep it in your cupboard. One of your most prized possessions. Its been a year since you got married, and now that the anniversary has arrived just around the corner, you want everything to be perfect (an accurate representation of your marriage).

Of course, the flowers have been booked, the venue decided. The Lights and music have been decided and your song is queued to play. The guest list has been drawn out and the invitations, sent.

Everyone is going to be there. Not just your family, but his too. You want to make the best impression. To make sure you have left no stone unturned. And as with every big event, the food is the main attraction for the guests. You know that the dinner spread is going to impress the attendees. But what about the dessert?

The best way to round off a good meal, is with a great dessert. So, here, let us take a look at some of the interesting and unique ways to make your marriage anniversary more special than it already is.

  1. Ice Cream Live Station

This soft and sweet desert has stood the test of time. This sweet goodness not only is a refreshing wat to end your meal, but also, comes in an assortment of various flavors. For that grandmother who likes t simple, you can have Vanilla. For the cousin who is a little nuts, why not go for an almond surprise?
And not to mention the absolute delight in the children’s eyes to see their favorite ice-cream being served live!

  1. Snow Cone Live Station

This colourful slush of snow and flavour is an absolute hit with people of all ages. Its easy to make and quick to serve. This cold dessert treat is a very relaxing way to unwind after dinner. The kids will love it, and its guaranteed to get you a few compliments on the youthful energy this stand brings to a party.

  1. Ice Kacang Chendol

This sweet goodness is not only delicious, but also native to Singapore. It’s fun texture and earthen flavours make it a sure-fire way of impressing the traditionalists in the family. The fresh ingredients and varying elements of this Singaporean dish will be very well appreciated by the guests. Not to mention, the very energetic form and vibrant colours of this treat brings a certain aesthetic to your food spread.

  1. Churros Live Station

If the above-mentioned sweet treats are too cold for your guests’ tastes, lets warm it up a bit with is delicious sweet snack from Europe. The churros are a fried dough pastry that finds it origin in Spain. These warm snacks are a crowd favourite, and often a great way to finish off a meal.
The texture outside is crispy, while being sweet and soft on the inside.
These treats are the perfect snacks for the travel loving aunts that you’re constantly running into!

Marriage is such a wonderful, special and personal experience. And wedding anniversaries are a celebration of this new life that you decide to build with your significant other. It is not just a binding of two lives, but a coming-together of two families.
A wedding anniversary can never express the complete joy of getting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. All you can do is try and spread the sweetness as much as you can.

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