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4 party activities for an exciting birthday!

Childhood is defined by creativity, inventiveness and loads and loads of energy. While growing up, the tradition of celebrating birthdays has become a very important aspect of a child’s upbringing. These parties act as a social gathering where your child (children, if you have more than one) gets to interact with others his or her own age.
Often, their peers come from different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, these birthday parties transform into a hub of socialization for the children, where they get to learn and appreciate various cultures, traditions and lifestyles, that are separate from their own.

However, to curate a good birthday party, the most important ingredient is fun. Any party thrown for children have to be fun for them. And what do children love? Well, to run around, jump up and down, laugh loudly and play till they drop!

Apart from the exciting food and interesting birthday themes and latest music, there’s something that will raise the kid’s enjoyment through the roof. Party activities. 

Apart from Bouncy Castles, carnival games and magic shows, here are some more activities that you could employ during your next birthday bash to turn the fun quotient up to 11!

  1. Animal Ride Rentals

Kids love animals. Be it dogs, cats, hamsters or guinea pigs. Though these are small animals that children often find themselves surrounded by. Therefore, when a big horse, or a small pony show up to a birthday party, the children’s happiness knows no bounds.
Animals like horses and ponies are popular activities during parties and carnivals. They are often domesticated and are used to being around human beings. Not only do kids learn to ride these exciting animals, but also, it provides an opportunity to discover a new hobby or overcome an old fear.

  1. Face Painting

Children are imaginative creatures. At this age, you will find most of the kids become fascinated by wild animals like lions and tigers. Some other develop interest in their favorite TV shows or comic books. With a face painting booth in your party, these kids get to don the mask of their favorite characters and play with their friends. Or paint their faces in images of their favorite wild animals and run around growling and purring.
For the more artistically inclined kids, however, face painting becomes a way to express their individuality.

  1. Balloon Sculpting and Twisting

These light airy and colourful packets of air are a child’s favorite toy. Children love to pick the colours and shapes of their balloons. After which ensues a long session of kicking, tapping and throwing that balloon all around the place.
But, what if there was something else that they could do with it? What if they get to learn to twist a balloon into the shape of their favorite animals? Or to twist it to look like a teddy bear or a rocket ship. Having a balloon sculpting and twisting booth provides kids with this entertainment.

  1. Budget Photo Booth

What better way to commemorate a fun birthday party than by a silly picture? These photobooths offer fun masks and props to take funny photos of yourself with all your friends. These amusing masks, hats and props not only tickle the fancy of a child wanting to dress up as a superhero, but also proved a cute little photograph to remember the even by.
Photobooths have proven to be a popular entertainment for children who have just started to express their imaginations. They will love taking pictures of themselves and then sharing them with their friends later on in school.

With these amusing and exciting party activities at your child’s next birthday party, you won’t have to worry about kids’ entertainment at children’s party ever again. Kids take to these fun activities immediately and manage to keep themselves amused, entertained and occupied for long stretches of time.

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